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feels like mostly just bass...

SpeTheof responds:

Yeah that sucks, nobody likes pure bass, especially when looking up the dance genre.

Your voice didnt really go with the beat. You should go with a more alternative slightly acoustic beat. And I feel as if the verses had more spirit then the chorus. And the chorus seemed a bit plain and rushed in a way. Still, good mixing, good ad libs and etc. Just need to find you a better beat.

Just... take the 5 stars.

The harmonica, the drums, the guitar the first drop.
It was perfect, and it's not line anything I've ever heard before.
This is a beautiful composition and has great mixing.
The way the guitar kicks in with the drums is great, and the electronic wubbing bass coming is perfect.

The second base was unexpected but still very beautiful. the rhythm was impeccable and all the sounds fit right where they were. The way you carried out the sounds was extravagant. Another favorites on my list on newgrounds.

The ending is also calming after the epic storm. The right mix of different genres put together so classically as it slows down to the end. And that harmonic ending with the organ and ambience.

All around 5 stars.

CreoMusic responds:

Thanks for the review! :)

Can I say it... I'm gonna say it...
(The oni-chan wars)

The beggining was more sound then melody to be honest. Everything after that was really good and filling. The screams were pretty fitting as well. They weren't too extra or anything. The shredding is nice too, not to complex but not too simple.

DanJohansen responds:

It was meant as an in-your-face cinematic tone setting kind of intro.. not melody XD Melodies comes later. Glad you enjoyed it man!


Drop was sorta boring. I liked the lead though. Drums were good.
The 2nd alternative drop was better

Hippokopter responds:

I like the candor. xD

I need more of that last part.
Everything else like mixing was great as well.

I uhh... dunno cheif. this aint it.

Wheres the evil? The sounds here sound mostly non evil tbh. Unless the point was irony.

This is something that gets you pumped! The idea of blast beats and electric guitar switching from major to minor and such is very much so a great image. And that dive bomb I heard was phenomenal and not too loud. The melody for this is so great and never ending. And that part around 2:08... just... phenomenal. That's all I have to say. And that choir I hear in the back, the bells, that gosh darn guitar (I think) in the back. Just all of the aspects of this song is great. 5 out of 5!

DanJohansen responds:

Woah awesome review, glad you liked it this much man! I have a tendency to jump between minor and major quite a bit in my tracks haha. Thanks!

Drop felt sorta empty. Could have used some heavy but small put chords. That build is very nice. Also do I hear a lower pitched pentakill? That growl that slows down in FM is cool but it gets really repetitive after a while. It felt nice when it went back to its calm self. Maybe could have added more of a melody with the horns. And that violin is pretty good. And that retro pluck is fantastic.

Build up felt... "fluffy?" idk. There was no fill, so that was unfortunate. The second drop was more chord than it was growl. The second half of it is the opposite. And again FM drop growl. You tried adding the piano or bell in the back which felt ok but not ok at the same time. Overall, good song. 3.5.

Sharks responds:

Thanks for the feedback! btw wdym by low pitched pentakill ? there is no samples from other song if ur talking about the song pentakill

Hats are nice and fit the ambient chords. That piano is nice too, and that build up is pretty nice as well. And the drop was very fitting. nice kick. And that small wait on the other half of the first drop was unexpected but nice.

The claps after that are kinda off but I guess they fit. The build up again is pretty good. And that fill b4 the drop could have been different a little. Still drop is good, could have use a great lead solo haha.

PhantomWolves responds:

Alright, cool. I admit I don't exactly know what "kinda off but I guess they fit" means, for the claps. xd But also yeah i'm pretty new to writing fills so I'm hoping to get better at that as I go along...

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