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proportion was killing me and distracted me.

I don't have a compliant on the animation. But I do have some criticism on the voice acting and the story progression. Voice acting wise, it's not terrible, it isn't bad, but (I know it's supposed to give off the anime feel of vocal exaggeration) It sometimes isn't necessary to do that to make it funny. For example the part where the main character destroys the spirit beast, that voice acting kept its touch with the animation and mood. It was perfect and balanced. At 5:40, I couldn't tell whether he realized something or just had a sporadic orgasm. That part was really uncomfortable to the animation and mood. Now, for story progression. I loved the way you used the cinders at the start to foreshadow the events in his past, almost like a flashback. But, I get it, it's the first episode (kinda) and you want to get as much story and hype off of it as possible. But when the main character just immediately rushes into his fight, learns his new power, learns about spirit beasts, then the magic inside, then we find out his society was wiped out (at least, that's what I understood.) and then the main character departures. Maybe we sorta get enough character development in those few minutes, but I feel you could have spread this into two episodes. I do like the fight encounter though. Now for the compliments. I do like the pixel style, it really compliments the out view with pixels to give it a more hard and sturdy scene, especially for the fight scenes. I also enjoy the voice actors, the animation, the music (although it could be louder.) and I can say I also enjoy this, for many episodes. Maybe turn the music up a little? That's all. Good animation overall. (4.5 Stars because music was bomb as well.)

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Thirsty. BEAN.

I've spent 6 hours on this game... locked in my dark room... trying my hardest... to beat the lava stage in under 3 minutes... its the worst smell in here...

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I don't understand why people are so rude. The drops are alright. Just needs a little more rhythm but as well a balance of rest. Other than that, a calm listen :)

Love these types of tracks so much.

after 1:55 the drop really gets flavorful.

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digimon love

oh I love it with all my soul. Absolute masterpiece in its own right!

beta Arceus is so chaotically pleasant to my eyes

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