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2018-02-18 23:13:49 by BlockGhost

I've been really enjoying everyones feedback and critisism. It helps me learn what works, what needs work, or what doesn't work at all. And I'm very grateful for that. I'm grateful for my small amount of followers. Especially those who take time out of there day to listen to my track, comprehend it, listen to it's different aspects, and comment about them. You guys have been the best. I would like to get bigger though, I feel as if I have a chance on getting on that featured section. That would be the bomb, and with yall's help, I could probably get there. So if y'all could either give y'all conversations a lil bit of an advertisement of me then that'd be great, and mostly hilarious. Welp, gotta get to the music! It ain't gunna make, mix, and post itself!


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2018-02-18 23:35:50

Believe me, if you keep working toward your goals, you'll get there eventually...
And I might be able to give you some sneaky shoutouts every so often. Consider it a favor you don't have to return, because I'm happy to anytime.
And that last part... amen, brother

BlockGhost responds:

Preachin the sound!