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3 Years of Music :

Posted by BlockGhost - February 17th, 2018

For the past 3 years I've been really tense about my music. I always thought I would never have grown my own style, or would have been able to make actual decent music in general. When I started off making music, I tried making dubstep as soon as I could. It failed and sounded terrible. I kept trying to make it over and over again but I didn't realize there were steps to take before I started making complex big league stuff. Still, I kept on pushing towards dubstep. I started using different softwares like soundtrap, LMMS, and then I got caught up in FLS.

Here's where it gets interesting. Before hand, I used alot of LMMS so there wasn't much confusion on how to navigate. But then there came a problem, how do I use this software to create my own music instead of using loops and such. I then spent around 4-6 months trying to figure out the layout, the buttons, the keys, the chords, the genres, the vst's, the community (Even though I had been on newgrounds since 2015 but on another account.), and even my life. And after the clouds disparted and showed the musical light (youtube), I knew I was ready. I said goodbye to my last account, and said hello to... BLOCKGHOST.

I started off with simple dance songs instead of tagging all my songs as "experimental". I even made a remix of an undertale ST. I made a simple background for my songs, something I made in paint. I made my logo on medibang from a sketch of mine. The sketch was inspired by a video on youtube speed-drawing 3 ghosts with some of my music in the background. And after some time and experimentation.

I've finally managed to find my style, my genres (even though I may stray here and there just for the fun of it.) I've managed to get my music life together, I've even learned how to design my own sounds. But I'm still learning, and that's ok, because I find the road ahead to be something to look forward too. Sound design has even landed me a role as SFX Director in a game that's in development. And I hope that for the future I can suffice you and give you all the best music I can. Thank you all for being apart of the ride! <3



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Can't wait to hear more awesome music from you!
You've come a long way; I encourage you to keep pushing onward.

All my graditude goes to people like you.